Mobile Device Theft

It Only takes a second.

It only takes a second...Leave it, Lose it.

REMEMBER: 99% of laptops stolen are not recovered!

Theft of computer equipment is a serious problem that can be reduced, even eliminated, when everyone works together.

In addition to the capital loss of equipment, and the related down time until it is replaced, the loss of sensitive and confidential information will have long-term consequences.

Laptop Theft

Laptop theft is a significant threat to users of laptop computers. Many methods to protect the data and to prevent theft have been developed, including alarms, laptop locks, and visual deterrents such as stickers or labels. Victims can lose hardware, software, and essential data that has not been backed up.

Thieves also may have access to sensitive data and personal information.

Some systems authorise access based on credentials stored on the laptop including MAC addresses, web cookies, cryptographic keys and stored passwords.

According to the FBI, losses due to laptop theft totaled more than $6.7 million dollars in 2005.

You should read the Campus Community Police Service website that discusses laptop theft prevention.

Smart Phone Theft

Smart Phone theft can also be a significant threat to users as smart phones can be configured to access email, banking information and other personal information. 

As such, these devices should be treated like Laptop computers and should be kept on your person, or secured in some way.

What to do if your mobile device is stolen?

Should your mobile device be stolen from you, follow the steps below immediately.

  • Contact the Campus Police and report the theft
  • If you have Western passwords saved on your mobile device, contact ITS to change them immediately
  • Immediately TELEPHONE your Bank or Financial Institution if you have Banking or Credit Card information saved on your mobile device.
  • If your mobile device has a Voice and/or Data Plan from an existing mobile provider, you should contact them immediately and have your service suspended.

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